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At, The India Estates, it is special professionalism that has won for us a very few projects in a variety of market segments, and encourages us to aim for greater challenges all the time. While its reputation that reflected in the edifices that it has built, the respect and trust that it continues to enjoy can be gauged from the words of its clients.

It is strong with trust and quality as much as its solid foundations, We have grown to become one of the reputed builders in Chennai and will find a significant place in the rich history of Chennai. We have a team of trained professionals who ensure that each and every construction activity is done with the best craftsmanship. We design flats that cater your requirements and expectations. In this challenging and highly competitive environment, The India Estates assures the finest quality to conscious home buyers and ensures that their hard-earned money will always get them the best value. The company’s journey to the future is marked with exciting future developments and we welcome you to be part of our growth and prosperity.

Our procedural steps from the stage of planning to completion are designed in a perfect and systematic mode and it is followed strictly by all sections of our staff.

Our progressive course of action begins, continues and concludes with formal practice but exceptional care.


At The India Estates, we believe that our people are our most valuable assets That’s why we invest in relevant training, both in house and external, to reinforce the skills and competency of our workforce.

Partnership Approach

We value the input of all Project participants Architects, Consultants, Owners, Representatives and foster a spirit of Partnership between all parties to ensure project execution achievers the desired quality with Quality with optional Efficiency.

Formal Practice

  • Strict due-diligences of the property documents
  • Title clearances
  • CMDA / Corporation / Municipality approval
  • Soil testing
  • Construction
  • Exterior and Interior infrastructure, Fittings & Accessories

We are currently sourcing Lands for development in Bangalore and Chennai for JV. Landowners, who are interested to take part in Joint Development, can contact us at: mailus@indiaestates.co.in. with your Land details, Location and expectations.

Our Advantages

  • Modernised construction equipments
  • Team of Expertise to supervise the project
  • Constant flow of funds for uninterrupted project completion
  • All sort of construction materials are made available all time as planned

Our Services

Property Advisory

Residential Transactions , Commercial Transactions , Land Parcels and Resale Properties

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Real Estate Funding

The real estate industry in India has been displaying steady growth. As disposable incomes

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Building Materials

Incepted in the year 2010, The India Estates entered in importing building materials with

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At, The India Estates, It is special professionalism that has won for us a very few projects

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