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What should i discuss with my healthcare provider before using albuterol and ipratropium inhalation combivent, combivent respimat, duoneb .

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Bladder pain bloody or cloudy urine blurred vision burning while urinating burningcrawlingitchingnumbnesspricklingpins and needlesor tingling feelings chest pain congestion diarrhea difficultburningor painful urination dizziness fainting fastslowirregularpoundingor racing heartbeat or pulse frequent urge to urinate general feeling of discomfort or illness hoarseness increased sputum joint pain loss of appetite lower back or side pain muscle aches and pains nausea nervousness noisy breathing pain pain or tenderness around the eyes and cheekbones pounding in the ears shakiness in the legsarmshandsor feet shivering sweating swelling tenderswollen glands in the neck trembling or shaking of the hands or feet trouble sleeping trouble swallowing voice changes vomiting.

Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur while taking albuterol/ipratropium:

Insert metal canister into clear end of mouthpiecesee Figure 1Make sure the canister is fully and firmly inserted into the mouthpieceThe Combivent Inhalation Aerosol canister is to be used only with the Combivent Inhalation Aerosol mouthpieceThis mouthpiece should not be used with other inhaled medicines.

Body aches or pain chills cough cough producing mucus difficulty with breathing ear congestion fever headache loss of voice runny nose sneezing sore throat stuffy nose tightness in the chest unusual tiredness or weakness.

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